Chiropractic Adjustments Proven To Reduce Blood Pressure

Chiropractic Adjustments Proven to Reduce Blood Pressure - Rochester NY

Posted: March 23, 2016
By: Dr. Edwin Vega

People all over the world experience significant changes in their blood pressure after going to the Chiropractor. Whether the improvement is an intentional result or a natural side effect from the standard adjustment for a different problem, the results are real. Secondary health improvements achieved through Chiropractic adjustments were at one time thought to be coincidental or unsubstantiated. However, research published in a prestigious medical journal in 2007 proved these results were based on science.

The 2007 study split up a random group of people who had never experienced any back or neck pain in their life. This vital detail served as a key part of the study because it proved the link between blood pressure problems and the spine regardless of the presence of back pain. One group got a real Chiropractic adjustment and the other group received a placebo, or fake adjustment. 

The technique used to make the real adjustment was a low-force technique that does not require a popping or cracking sound. The subjects had no idea which group they were in and the results were phenomenal.

The group that received the real adjustment had an average reduction of 17 points on the systolic blood pressure measurement(top number) and 10 points on the diastolic scale(bottom number). The conclusion to the study pointed out that the benefits received in the real Chiropractic adjustment group would require the aide of two blood pressure medications given in combination to be achieved through drug therapy. This meant that the adjustment helped improve blood pressure better than two medications could do.

The study continues to strengthen the foundation of Chiropractic. The nervous system is about so much more than bad backs and sore necks. This ground-breaking research links blood pressure problems directly with a minor neck misalignment. Misaligned vertebrae are known as vertebral subluxations and there is nothing minor about them. The science links vertebral subluxation directly or indirectly to many of the unwanted symptoms most people suffer from today, including high blood pressure. Every man, woman, and child deserves to understand and benefit from a spinal checkup and Chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis.