Services Offered


Dr. Diaz-Vega & Dr. Vega main concern is to assess any vertebral subluxations, areas in the spine that could be misaligned, with lack of proper movement or joints that have degenerated, this causes compression, tension, irritation and damage to the Nervous System. Subluxations can cause organs, muscles and the immune system of your body to malfunction and heal poorly due to the interference caused to your nervous system. 

The Central Nervous System controls every function and healing process in the body. The most common and likely way to interfere with the Central Nervous System is to move spinal bones in an abnormal position causing a SUBLUXATION (misaligment) or spinal and chronic sickness.

Symptoms are your body's warning signals that something has been malfunctioning for some time and needs attention. In most cases, the subluxation is present without any symptoms or warning. Usually the SUBLUXATION, has been present in your spine for many years by the time you feel any symptoms or develop any disease.

The purpose of chiropractic evaluation in OUR OFFICE, is to find any SUBLUXATIONS,  in your spine that are interfering with your Central Nervous System causing malfunction, sickness and/or disease in your body. 

Any SUBLUXATIONS, we find during your exam, nerve tests, or on your x-rays studies are considered to be a concern.  We are trained to help you in correcting these subluxations.



Other Services


  • Thoughout Spinal and Wellness Evaluation
  • Postural Assessment
  • SEMG (Surface EMG
    (see first visit)
  • Off-site x-rays referrals as needed